Please go check your email.

I opened the email and my heart rate skyrocketed. The message read:

“Hey Seth and Michael - I’m in for $200,000. I will sign and wire by Friday. Excited to be on board.” [investor name redacted]

Friday came... and Friday went. But no money showed up in our account...

Days later, the investor who sent the email told us he had to withdraw…

I was stunned. Seth was not...

See, I had assumed that when investors commit in writing, it means you will receive money. Not so. Thus began my education about how fundraising really works, and when I learned for the first time (of many) that “It’s not over until the money’s in the bank...”

My name is Michael Simpson. I'm a co-founder of DJZ and the co-author of The Secret of Raising Money, which I wrote with Seth Goldstein...

Seth has raised $100m over the last twenty years, has sold two companies, co-founded and was Fred Wilson’s first EIR. So I was lucky to learn fundraising at the heels of the world’s best…

"Seth Goldstein: the master fundraiser"

"Seth Goldstein has been a master fundraiser since I met him in the mid 90s. He has finally gotten around to sharing his secrets with the rest of us"

FRED WILSON, Co-Founder of Union Square Ventures

But we don’t all have the good fortune of working with someone like Seth... Instead, we rely on blogs to help us understand what fundraising is like. But here’s the thing:

Tech Bloggers Create The Illusion That Fundraising Is Easy...

“Payments Startup Clinkle Raises $25 Million Seed Round...”

“Music platform Splice nets $2.75 million...”

When you read the tech press, it seems like everyone is raising millions of dollars all the time. That there is too much money to go round. That all startups are literally swimming in cash...

Reality is very different. The odds of you raising money from any given VC fund are around 0.5%...

For 3 years, Andy Dunn, CEO Of Bonobos, was 30 days away from being unable to pay his rent and 90 days from his company running out of money. He managed to stay afloat by raising tiny angel checks from 100+ angels.

The AirBnb founders famously sold cereal boxes in order to stay afloat…

Despite what the media will have you believe, raising money is a complex game with a specific set of unwritten rules. These rules can be broken, but if you walk into the process unaware of what they are, you stand very little chance of being successful….

I’m based in San Francisco, and many of my friends are entrepreneurs. Any time one of them goes out to raise money, I watch as the fundraising process takes over their life. Product development grinds to a halt…

The big questions they struggle with are always the same –

“What should go into a pitch deck?”
“How much I raise?”
“When is the right time to raise?”
“How do I meet investors?”
“Should I use equity or debt?”
“Should I use AngelList?”

And most importantly: “How do I turn conversations with investors into what I need the most: money in the bank?”

Even after all those questions are answered, I hear this: “But I’m not well known! No VCs have even heard of me…”

I learned the answers to all these questions from Seth as I worked alongside him…and that’s why we decided to write The Secret of Raising Money….

You Don’t Have to Be Well-Known to Raise Money

I wasn’t well-known either when I started worked with Seth on fundraising at DJZ. In fact - I didn’t even know the first thing about fundraising. But after he taught me the ropes I raised hundreds of thousands from VC’s and angels within a few weeks.
And I started teaching friends how to do it too…

Now, Seth and I have decided to teach even more startup founders. That’s why we’ve written The Secret of Raising Money...

"Crucial Strategies"

"The strategies I learned from Michael were crucial to kickstarting my angel round at Crowdsporting. If you want to master fundraising, buy The Secret of Raising Money"

Eric Martin, Founder of Crowdsporting

What if….

You could reduce the time you are spending on fundraising by 45% or more?

You knew how to get meetings with top investors quickly, and you knew exactly what to say to them to get them interested?

You had access to the collective knowledge of the best minds in Silicon Valley?

Presenting: “The Secret of Raising Money”

The Easiest Way to Go From Bootstrapped To Funded…

You’ll get culmination of 20 years of fundraising and literally 1000s of hours of effort that condenses the best wisdom on how to get funded into a single book...

You’ll ALSO get a pitchdeck template library, financial model templates, cap table, budget, exclusive new video interview footage, and much much more…

Learn all of the following:

  • The networking mistakes you are making today
  • The techniques you need to get investors whipped up into a frenzy over your company
  • Why your financial model is meaningless
  • A formula for choosing the right investor for you
  • Why your pitch sucks and how to fix it

"A Comprehensive Guide…"

"As an entrepreneur, you'll likely raise money for any startup only a handful of times which is part of what makes it a tedious process. Seth and Michael have put together a comprehensive guide to the process so you'll be set up for success."

Hiten Shah, Co-Founder of Kissmetrics and Crazy Egg

Get insider information from the world’s best VC’s….

You will get access to interviews from some of the finest minds on fundraising on the planet. For example:

Fred Wilson

Co-Founder of Union Square Ventures

Naval Ravikant

Co-Founder, AngelList

Mark Suster

Partner, Upfront Ventures

Mark Goldstein

Chairman, Backops

Danny Rimer

Partner, Index Ventures

Josh Kopelman

Co-Founder, First Round Capital

Brad Feld

Co-Founder, Foundry Group

Jon Callaghan

Co-Founder, True Ventures

Here's what's inside the book

Chapter 1: Set the course

  • Funding sources (e.g. Angel, VC, crowdfunding etc.), and the pros and cons of each
  • How to choose equity or debt
  • How to make your debt sexy
  • Timing: Learn when to raise your round
  • Overview of funding rounds (Seed, Series A etc.)
  • Co-ordination and emotional investment – how to prepare for the rollercoaster

Chapter 2: Prepare the materials

  • Learn how to craft your 1 sentence, 30 second and 30 minute pitch
  • How to craft an e-mail summary
  • Build the perfect pitch deck – slide by slide instructions. Includes information on market sizing
  • Learn how much you should raise
  • What to put in your financial model
  • Why “business plans” are irrelevant

Chapter 3: Meet investors

  • How to pick the right targets
  • The no.1 technique you should use to meet investors
  • E-mail etiquette
  • The cold e-mail
  • Meeting investors via blogs
  • LinkedIn
  • The NDA
  • How to use AngelList

Chapter 4: Sell your story

  • The three key components of investor psychology
  • The three criteria investors use to evaluate you
  • The three key pillars of entrepreneur psychology
  • Preparing for the pitch
  • How to pitch
  • Storytelling
  • What to do after the pitch

Chapter 5: Close

  • What to expect from legal due diligence
  • What to expect from business due diligence
  • The clauses of the term sheet, and the market standard for each
  • The clauses of a convertible note and the market standard for each
  • Valuation

and much, much more...

"A must read for young, budding entrepreneurs"

"Given Seth’s wealth of knowledge on this topic, I think that this book will become a must read for young, budding entrepreneurs"

Danny Rimer, Partner at Index Ventures

No Matter What or Who You Know,

Look – there is no magic pill that is going to solve all your problems for you…No matter how many insider secrets we give you, the fact remains: You still have to be building an awesome product that people want to use. No tricks or gimmicks will make up for that.

BUT! There ARE tools, processes, tactics and practices that WILL enable you to become more attractive to investors….

Why are we the ones to teach you to raise money?

Seth Goldstein

  • Raised hundreds of millions of dollars for dozens of companies over the last twenty years
  • Co-founded DJZ, funded by Kleiner Perkins, Google Ventures, Index Ventures, True Ventures and more
  • Co-founded Turntable.FM, dubbed the hottest music startup by Billboard
  • Founded and sold Site Specific, one of the first internet advertising firms and Majestic Research, a hedge fund research company
  • First EIR at Fred Wilson's Flatiron Partners
  • Angel investor (, delicious, Gumroad)

Michael Simpson

  • Co-Founded DJZ, funded by Kleiner Perkins, Google Ventures, Index Ventures, True Ventures and more
  • Managed process for $3m debt and equity capital raise and personally raised hundreds of thousands from angels and venture capitalists
  • Two years M&A investment banking at Greenhill & Co
  • Angel investor
  • Yale College graduate

"100% of the Information you Need to Get Funded..."

"Raising money is really hard, especially as a first-time entrepreneur. Seth and Michael have given entrepreneurs the complete arsenal of weapons they need to successfully close a funding round. Highly recommended"

Brad Feld, Co-Founder and VC at Foundry Group author of “Venture Deals”

Get a free sample chapter

There are three incredible bundles...

  • The Elite Bundle
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  • Cap Table explanation pack
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  • 16 pitchdeck templates (Keynote and Powerpoint)
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  • 6 exclusive written interviews
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  • Cap Table explanation pack
  • Budget template
  • 16 pitchdeck templates (Keynote and Powerpoint)
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"This information is worth so much more than $249. I will definitely be telling every person who is preparing for their seed round about the Secret of Raising Money"

Davíð Símonarson, Co-Founder of Blendin

The Elite Bundle

Your complete guide to raising money

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The Secret of Raising Money Book (PDF)

16 pitchdeck templates including Keynote and Powerpoint

Legal document explanation pack:

Our crib sheet to the documents you need to close a convertible debt or equity round.

There are tons of free term sheets you can use to close your round. But they are still confusing for newbies

Fundraising cheat sheet
Distribute this document to your team so they understand options, can get up to speed on complex terms quickly, and understand the basics of the fundraising process

Tools & Templates

Cap table template
Create your own cap table in seconds using our template

Cap Table explanation pack
Crucial companion to the cap table template, explaining all the key terms

4 financial model templates
Create Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash flow projections in minutes

• Subscription revenue
• Media
• Mobile
• Transaction fee model

...but they can be adjusted to fit any business

Budget template
Map out your startup’s costs using our easy-to-use excel template


8 exclusive new video interviews
Hours of exclusive interview footage with some of the best fundraising minds in Silicon Valley

Fred Wilson
Co-founder of Union Square Ventures

Naval Ravikant
Co-Founder, AngelList

Josh Kopelman
Co-founder of First Round Capital

Brad Feld
Co-founder of Foundry Group

Mark Goldstein
Chairman of Backops

Mark Suster
Partner at Upfront Ventures

Jon Callaghan
Co-Founder of True Ventures

Danny Rimer
Partner at Index Ventures

Exclusive text interviews
Even more fundraising knowledge from six incredible VCs and entrepreneurs

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The Bootstrapping Bundle

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The Secret of Raising Money Book (PDF)

Pitch deck template library
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9 Keynote templates
7 Powerpoint templates

Tools & Templates

Cap Table
Create your own cap table in seconds using our template

Cap Table explanation pack
Crucial companion to the cap table template, explaining all the key terms

Budget template
Map out your startup’s costs using our easy-to-use excel template


1 Video interview:
Josh Kopelman, founder of First Round Capital. Transcript also included

Josh Kopelman
Co-founder of First Round Capital

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The Book

The Secret of Raising Money Book (PDF)

Even though it is the lowest-budget option, don’t overlook the value of the book! It’s where we spent the majority of our time when creating these products, and the resource you will come back to again and again.

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This is the truth: The Secret of Raising Money gives you the best possible chance of navigating the minefield of fundraising, without having to spend endless hours doing it, and landing millions of dollars for your company. That’s some pretty good ROI in our book...

OK, this sounds like what I need. But which package should I buy?
That depends on where your startup’s at. The elite package is by far the easiest, fastest way to streamline, simplify and supercharge fundraising for anyone with a part-time or full-time startup. But if you’re just starting to think about a startup - if you haven’t built a product and you’re not actually considering fundraising yet - then the book by itself will do the trick...

What if I don’t like the product?
If you don’t find the book helpful, no problem. We’re so completely sure The Secret of Raising Money will give you tons of fantastic ideas that will save you time, save you money, and help you get more money - while making nice with VCs along the way - that we’ll give you a 100% refund within 30 days of purchase if you don’t find that to be true. Just fire us an email.

My question isn’t answered here. How can I reach you?
If you have questions please get in touch on

"One brilliant read…"

“Raising money is a tough and fragmented topic to dive into; finding a trusted a-z guide on the web is near impossible. Seth and Michael effectively bound the knowledge and the skills I needed into one brilliant read”

Jonathan Levine, Co-Founder of

"Seth was key for fundraising…"

“Seth was key to helping close the first round of funding for Gumroad. If you can't get an hour with Seth, read The Secret of Raising Money"

Sahil Lavingia, Founder of Gumroad

"Level the playing field"

“Most entrepreneurs raise money just a handful of times -- while most venture firms fund dozens of companies a year. I'm excited that Seth and Michael are sharing their hard-learned lessons to help level the playing field""

Josh Kopelman, Co-Founder, First Round Capital

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